Digital Bereavement Project

Invitation to Participate in Research  images

Are you an active user of digital media?

Do you have a story to tell about bereavement & digital media?

Are you 16-24 years of age?

This project, through October 30th 2017, is looking for young people to join us. Contact below.

 Research Project
‘Exploring Digital Bereavement: Young People, Digital Media, and Bereavement is a research project based at RMIT University.

We want to understand if, how, and in what ways young people engage with digital mobile media technology for self expression and identity and object making while going through bereavement.

Who are we looking for?

Participants will be 16-24 years old, have lost someone close to them at least 1 year ago, are going through or have gone through bereavement or grieving, and use Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, texting or other kinds of digital media to create images, videos, and text about themselves.

I am a current Dougy Center volunteer facilitator, and will be working with the Dougy Center to distribute this notification about the project. dougy_logo_new

Participants will be able to help me explore how and where young people engage with digital media after loss of a loved one.

What’s Involved?

Participants will have the option of contributing on 1-3 activities: to be interviewed about digital media usage, to show how you make something in digital media through examples, and to send texts to ‘Dear RMIT Diary’ on thoughts you have when you are creating something in digital media.

What’s the benefit?

This study seeks to provide a voice for young people to understand the role of digital media in and through processes of bereavement. 


We anticipate that participation will involve about 3-4 hours of time total over 6 months.

Participants will receive a $10 Amazon eGift voucher upon completion of each activity(up to 3), as an appreciation for their time and insight, for a possible total $30.

View the Participant Information Sheet (pdf)

Contact me

PhD Candidate, Sharon Greenfield
at 503 – 997 – 5662
or via email:

or through the web form: