Project Abstract

Exploring Digital Bereavement: Young People, Digital Media, and Bereavement

The experience of grieving and bereavement is one of the spaces where digital media has come to play a pivotal role (Gibbs et al., 2012; Meese et al., 2015a; Meese et al., 2015b; Moreman & Lewis, 2014). The increase of scalable digital platforms and technologies has enabled varied forms of object-making in digital media. Given the increased availability and accessibility of digital media in the everyday lives of young people, digital media object-making such as digital imagery is being used often (Clark, 2013), especially for negotiations during extraordinary life stages such as a significant other’s death. This thesis draws upon work in the fields of material culture studies, sociology, and anthropology as it analyses how young people in the US at a non- profit grief organisational facility are using digital media and creating digital objects during times of bereavement.