Project Researchers

Sharon Greenfield, PhD Candidate

I have experience with 15 years in ethnographic research, semi-structured interviewing as a method, and working along with young people in both my academic and industry research background. Recent examples and experience include:

  • Most recently I worked on a Young and Well CRC social gaming research project called Games of Being Mobile, where I engaged in ethnographic research with over ~100 4th graders over a variety of days. The project looked to explore how young people worked together in groups to problem solve in game making. The play workshops were part of a Young And Well CRC partnership and an Australian Research Council Discovery.
  • Previously in the US, for Intel Research (now Intel Labs) I worked on the Everyday Sensing and Perceiving (ESP) project along with two colleagues Richard Beckwith and Daniel Avrahami, looking into sensor technology implemented into a handheld Mobile Augmented Reality device used in an educational context. It was a three month long ethnographic study in formal and informal education involving 4th graders and teachers using school gardens in education, as well as small-scale agriculturists, in how a mobile internet device might support in-field agricultural learning.
  • Additionally for Intel Research, another project that I worked on was a technology-in-education research segment as part of a global comparative project called Classmate PC: Designing Classroom Experiences (PDF). I, and my colleagues, in partnership with Gaston Elementary and High School in the Gaston School District, employed ethnographic methods in exploring and understanding classroom environments and the current technology use in schools. In my segment of the project I interviewed and observed the IT director, an elementary summer school class, two teachers, and 12 kids ages 8-12.
  • Risk management/Crisis intervention training and experience as Certified Crisis Worker through the Lane County Crisis Intervention Service, Lane County Red Cross, and through White Bird Clinic, with experience helping enable people, ranging from runaway teenagers to older homeless adults, to gain control of their social, emotional, and physical well-being through direct service, education, and community.
  • Working With Children Check, State Government Victoria, Card No.: 0571520A-01 Expires: 22-12-2020